What Is The Best Way to Reach Indonesian FMCG Shoppers?

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Media plays a huge role in introducing products to consumer, including in Indonesia. What brands should understand is how Indonesians’ media consumption is quite diverse. Due to the large number of people in the country, there are different media preferences for different demographics. While TV has the highest exposure in Indonesia, digital audience spend more on FMCG shopping. It is important for brands to tailor their marketing and digital strategy to make sure that their promotions are targeted at the right group of consumers. Here are the different types of FMCG customers in Indonesia and how you can reach them best.

The Types of Customers
Media consumer in Indonesia can be grouped into three different categories, the TV Enthusiast, the media junkies, and the digital dominant. Each category has different consumption behaviour, especially regarding FMCG products.

The TV Enthusiast
42% of Indonesians are TV enthusiast. They have mid-lower income and mostly live in rural areas. In terms of their shopping habits, they tend to spend on basic FMCG products and fresh food. On buying FMCG products, they choose to spend more on lower-priced and smaller packs products.

The Media Junkies
30% of Indonesians are media junkies, meaning they consume both TV and digital content. They have middle to high income and mostly live in urban areas. Like most millennials in urban area, this group of consumers tend to spend more on other urban related expenses such as clothes, entertainment, and hobbies. In term of FMCG products, they choose to spend more on premium products in bigger packs.

The Digital Dominant
11% of Indonesians are digital dominant. They come from the high income tier and mostly live in urban areas. This group of audience choose to spend more on education, entertainment, and hobbies expenses. In spending on FMCG products, they often spend more on premium products in bigger packs.
From the categories of consumers, it is clear that brands have to customize their media touchpoint strategy to target each groups. Not only they have to acknowledge the different ways they consume content, but also the varied shopping behaviours – from how much they buy to which brands they purchase – between each group.

Source: https://www.kantarworldpanel.com/id/News/Care-to-Know-More-Your-Target-Buyers-Media-Profile