Indonesians Love Their Biscuits

2 mins read

Snacking has long been a popular activity amongst Indonesians. You will often find biscuits at everyone’s house be it as their daily snack or to serve their guests. It is also popular during celebrations such as Idul Fitri or Christmas.

To learn more, we did research on Indonesians’ views on biscuits as well as their consuming and purchasing habits.

Biscuits is the popular choice of snack

Based on our research, more than half of the respondents say that they stock biscuits at home. This is because they choose biscuits as their mid-day snacks. 32.2% of the respondents mention that biscuits are their favourite snack to accompany them during work or studying. Meanwhile 29% say that biscuits are the perfect companion for their tea or coffee. More than half of the respondents also admit that they choose biscuits because it is a quick and easy way to minimize hunger when they are busy. 

Biscuits Purchase Habits

So how often do Indonesians purchase biscuits? More than half say that they buy biscuits at least 2-3 times a week. 77.4% spend IDR 10.000 – IDR 50.000 on biscuits for a single purchase, with 58.1% buy their biscuits from minimarket. Their favourite type of promotion? Buy 1 Get 1 promotion. 

Biscuits as Hampers 

Not only for their own consumption, biscuits are also a popular choice for hampers, especially during Idul Fitri. 55.6% respondents choose Idul Fitri as the occasion to give out biscuits hampers. Meanwhile 77% said that they choose biscuits to share with their friends and family.

In terms of deciding factors, 44.4% said that price is the most important factor with them spending IDR 100.000 – 250.000 for one hamper. 66.7% also said that discount promotions may encourage and drive them to buy the hampers.

As for brands, the favourite brands for biscuit hampers are Monde and Khong Guan.


It is safe to say that Indonesians love their biscuits. It is often a staple in people’s home as mid-day snacks to fend hunger before meal time. Biscuits are also still a popular choice for hampers as it is very accessible and almost everyone enjoys it. For brands, it is interesting to note that most customers buy their biscuits from minimarket, making promotions in minimarket a good strategy to drive sales.