Coffee Drinking Habits

2 mins read

There has been a steady rise of coffee consumption in the last few years in Indonesia. This is apparent through the numbers of coffee shops opened in the country and the different variety of instant coffee popping up. In this article, we are going to dissect how Indonesians consume coffee.

It is not uncommon for us to see an individual with a cup of coffee in their hands, especially during working hours. Turns out that 74.2% of the research respondents admit that they consume 1 cup of coffee a day. 64.5% of the respondents admit that they mostly drink coffee while working or studying while 12.9% said they drink coffee while gathering with friends.

While it is often said that most people drink coffee first thing in the morning, interestingly our research proved otherwise. 58.1% of our respondents say that they drink coffee in the daytime. Meanwhile 41.9% drink coffee in the morning. 

While being asked about coffee they like, 45.2% say that they like their coffee with milk. Meanwhile 32.3% enjoy coffee with different flavours and 9.7% enjoy their coffee black without sugar.

The most surprising thing however is when the respondents asked about their favourite kind of coffee. Surprisingly, instant coffee is still more preferred (54.8%) than brewed coffee beans (38.7%).


On why they drink coffee, 71% agreed that they drink coffee to reduce drowsiness. 16% say that they enjoy the variety of flavors while 3.2% said that they want to maintain their health and they want to reduce hunger with coffee.

Whatever the reason is, it is apparent that people still enjoy coffee be it for their time off or for work and study. Meanwhile, there seems to be almost equal number of people who enjoy instant coffee and manual brewed coffee. Showing that coffee is not going anywhere. How do you enjoy your coffee?