Cereal Consumption in Indonesia

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We are all familiar with cereal. The breakfast meal is usually made of processed grains. It is commonly eaten with milk,  yogurt, fruit, or nuts. Right now, the most popular cereal are the ones with added sugar, creating a debate on whether it is a healthy breakfast option or not.

Despite all that, cereal has long been one of the most popular breakfast choices. While associated with children’s breakfast, there are still a considerable amount of adults who consume cereal.

Cereal Consumption

With its practicality, it’s not a surprise that people choose it as a quick breakfast option. Especially when you can just pour milk and enjoy your cereal. As expected, 87.9% of the respondents consume cereal with milk instead of on its own.

However, cereal is not strictly only breakfast food. 45.5% of our respondents admitted that they use cereal to hold back hunger while 42.2% said that they choose cereal to eat as a snack. Interestingly, 21.2% admitted that consuming cereal has become a part of their daily habit.

Cereal Purchasing Habit

The majority of respondents said that they purchase 1 box of cereal per month. Meanwhile, there are a smaller percentage of respondents who said that they buy 2 to 3 boxes of cereal per month. This shows that cereal is still a staple in Indonesian households. 

In terms of sizes, 51.5% of respondents choose medium-sized boxes as their go-to when buying their favorite cereal. 42.5% of respondents also said that they usually buy cereal from minimarket, while 39.4% said that they buy from the supermarket, and only 18.2% buy from e-commerce.



It is safe to say that cereal is still very popular in Indonesia. Mostly as breakfast or snack. Given the practicality of the meal, it does not come as a surprise. What is interesting is that Indonesians still buy cereal regularly, namely once a month and they choose to get it from minimarkets instead of e-commerce. While there is still debate whether it is a healthy breakfast option or not, it is safe to say that the practicality of the cereal is the most appealing element of this breakfast meal. It is safe to say that cereals are staying as a staple in Indonesian households.